About us

GyS is a group of professionals from the private sanitary industry, a team integrated by experts in different areas of the management of the private sanitary industry, covering areas such as Training, Quality Management Systems, including International Certifications, Consulting, Finance, Marketing and Sales, Information Technologies and Communications, Insurance and Medical Tourism.


Our mission is to help institutions in the obtainance of benefits through the accomplishment of the objectives established by them in the corresponding project.



We have a global vision of the sanitary environment, maintainimg close relationships both with the sanitary institutions and with their suppliers as well as with patients.



The whole team of Gestiona y Suma is ready and eager to become one of your trusted partners to provide precise and efficient responses to your needs.


What we do

Medical Tourism – Facilitators:

GyS is totally involved in Medical Tourism, on both sides: the medical organization and the touristic, receiving and accompanying the patient during his whole stay in Spain helping him through the complete treatment chosen. Nowadays, Medical Tourism is “trendy” and the demand by international patients is growing which makes it necessary to give it special attention.

The globalized world has attracted patients to move abroad to go through surgical or medical treatments. Medical institutions must be ready to receive this type of patients and to cope with their requirements (cultural, accommodation…) and obtain certifications that differentiate them and make them trustful.



Our aim is always to potentiate the human team with continuous training, this is what makes the difference in the HR departments of the standing out companies.

Training is the keystone of success. Every training process adds benefits to the organization and is a motivationg element for the workers. We are experts in in-house training, adapting ourselves to the requirements of the client both in timing as in budget. We develop tailored customized courses according to the needs of the institution.

Auditing and Implementation of Quality Management Systems:

The sanitary industry is very complex when it comes to implement any General Quality Management System, it requires the whole structure to make changes towards the continuous enhancement and the excellence in the provision of the sanitary services.

Nowadays, there are several systems in place (ISO 9001; International Joint Commission, EFQM, DIAS, Temos,….) To select the most adequate one for each institution, according to its mission and objectives, is most of the times a difficult and costly task.



The objective is to optimize the growth, enhancing the competitivity of the institution by creating a new culture within the company.

  • We get involved with the company in the achievement of the established objectives, making the most of the available company’s resources.
  • We potentiate the internal staff to enhance their functions within the organization.
  • We analyze all the departments of the institution and propose enhancements and corrective measures in relation with those areas which might be under-used.

Facility Management:

We provide resources and management solutions through agreements with suppliers that facilitate the logistics function of our clients.

We run evaluations and provide reports of incidents providing inspections when necessary.

We offer specific civil liability insurances, traveling medical insurances and insurances for medical complications for international patients.

We provide nursery, maintenance and supply services.


The Team

Yolanda Herreros Bienvenido

Yolanda Herreros Bienvenido

Founder & Chair
José Manuel Andrade

José Manuel Andrade

Bernardo Echevarría

Bernardo Echevarría

VP International Relations
Josep Fossas Felip

Josep Fossas Felip

Assistant Manager
Irene Calatayud

Irene Calatayud

Commercial & Partner
Mª Isabel Guillén

Mª Isabel Guillén

Barcelona Delegation Manager
Silvia Atienza Chirino

Silvia Atienza Chirino

Commercial Consultant
David Fernández-Renau Sanz

David Fernández-Renau Sanz

ITC Manager

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