Auditing and Implementation of Quality Management Systems

The sanitary industry is very complex when it comes to implement any General Quality Management System, it requires the whole structure to make changes towards the continuous enhancement and the excellence in the provision of the sanitary services.

Nowadays, there are several systems in place (ISO 9001; International Joint Commission, EFQM, DIAS, Temos,….) To select the most adequate one for each institution, according to its mission and objectives, is most of the times a difficult and costly task.

Our experience in the implementation of these type of systems, as well as our team of auditors in Quality Systems, as certified by the  IRCA, makes as able to convert the Quality System in a “new way of working”.

The safety of the patient is the main objective. With the application of standards and international regulations, such safety is guaranteed, incrementing the efficiency of the organization and the patients satisfaction.

The aknowledgement by a certification body grants the institution with a recognizable consistency with its vision and mission, thus, generating a higher satisfaction in the patient’s environment.

The Quality Management System contributes to reach the economical objectives, since, notwithstanding the initial investment, the results, as well as the security, efficiency and cost and operating events reduction.

Analyze, prevent, evaluate and launch the needed corrective actions is what enables the enhancement processes to yield the expected added value to the daily work while providing the services.